This is a Disney Princess appreciation blog that isn't afraid to analyze or break down disney. We advocate the need for more Princesses of Color (and other characters in general) in Disney films actively if not aggressively. If you can't handle talking about race, this might not be the blog for you. This is a body, queer+ and trans positive blog. All princesses kick ass.

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i really CANNOT with the Disney Fandom. It’s like they have no concept of solidarity, compassion and kindness. They are trying to pin this “Dia De Los Muertos” issue on being people being too ~~sensitive~~ and ~~problematic~~. I AM SORRY I AM OVERPROTECTIVE ABOUT MY CULTURE’S HOLIDAY. I AM SORRY I AM RUINING YOUR DISNEY FUN WHEN I POINT OUT THAT I AM NOT OKAY WITH THE EXPLOITATION AND COMMERCIALIZATION OF IT.

I don’t even think we watched the same disney films together. Didn’t you learn anything about being kind to others? About respecting people and cultures and what not? About basic human decency???

You are all awful and I bet if Disneyland was an actual kingdom none of you would get in. Mickey Mouse would say, “Oh sorry we don’t accept self-centered racist douchebags”