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Tonight’s Oscar reminded me about the fate of women of color in the media

Quvenzhane Wallis was disrespected, sexualized and made the butt of all jokes in tonight’s Academy Awards. She was also called ‘cunt’ by “satirical” magazine The Onion.

Quvenzhane Wallis is 9 years old.



Let us also remember how other white child actors have been treated in the past awards, remember all those Dakota Fanning jokes? Yeah neither do I BECAUSE THEY NEVER HAPPENED.

DO remember how racism is stemmed in every aspect of our media and society. And how little girls of color, even the amazingly talented ones like Quvenzhane are torn apart daily because of this.

I am tired of little girls of color being devalued and disrespected. I am tired of black women being devalued and disrespected.

This system is sick and will make us all sick we don’t even stop for a minute and analyze what the hell is what we’re drinking. You can tell this isn’t “post-racial society” kool-aid.

I am tired of everything this fucking little girl had to put up tonight. I give warm thoughts and praise to her parents who are probably doing everything in her hands right now to shelter her. I want to praise every little girl of color who ever felt hurt, humiliated or hopeless. I want to praise every black woman who puts up with all the shit us other PoC cannot even begin to fathom.

I love you and I praise you all. You are beautiful princesses like Quvenzhane that deserve so much more.