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About Mulan’s Whitewashing: Let’s Get Organized

Everyone is complaining about Mulan’s apparent whitewashing. Everyone. Of course everyone is hating on the new designs. However Mulan’s whitewashing and Pocahontas’ new ‘apparel’ are the ones that are getting the most attention. 

Can we actually do something about it? Yes and no

Let’s be real realistic, we cannot ask Disney to scrap these designs. They probably already have millions and millions of merchandise under production. However, it could be possible to plead the case of Mulan’s whitewashing and Pocahontas’ new apparel.

Let’s recap. The whitewashing Mulan, by giving her a snow, white pale skin and dark blue eyes, and the Pocohantas’ costume change, by giving her ‘exotic’ and offensive ‘Native American’ jewelry, are racist acts.

They are racist. There’s no denying it. We are removing Mulan’s ethnicity and race when we decolor her skin. We are adding salt to the wounds that the movie Pocahontas left by giving her offensive American Apparel worthy clothing.

Now Disney has history and history and history of racism. Similarly with the case of Tiana’s original name being Maddy (sounding alot like caricature ‘mammy’) and Sofia The First being labeled as latina (even though she clearly drawn as white), Disney can fix their mistakes.

If the public gets up in arms and confronts Disney about their racism, there is a good 50/50 chance Disney will change them. We all know the power of media and the internet nowadays, why can’t we mobilize ourselves and campaign for the case of these two princesses?

So I say let’s do this. Let’s reblog and tweet and blog about these two princesses. Let’s rightly accuse Disney for their racism. Let’s ask for something to be done about them.

Let’s social network the heck out of these two costume/race designs of the princesses. Let’s get mobilized people!

Let’s get things trending here on tumblr. 

Let’s blog about Pocahontas’ offensive costume and on Mulan’s whitewashing. Let’s talk about it and create conversations.

Let’s trend #whitewashedprincesses and let everyone know why we are mad and how this is completely offensive to not only Native Americans and East Asians but to all people of color and all Disney fans.


Let’s make this a tag real

Let’s make our voices louder by becoming one single voice