This is a Disney Princess appreciation blog that isn't afraid to analyze or break down disney. We advocate the need for more Princesses of Color (and other characters in general) in Disney films actively if not aggressively. If you can't handle talking about race, this might not be the blog for you. This is a body, queer+ and trans positive blog. All princesses kick ass.

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If you don’t believe in analyzing Disney you can’t be a “true” fan.

Think about it; think about your favorite author, band, artist, etc. Any true fan of any band, artist or author is always critical about them, they both praise and critique both the good and the bad.

You must both be eager to love and criticize Disney, they both go hand and hand.

As a “true” Disney fan, you have the responsibility to accept Disney in both it’s glory and problematics aspects. You must be willing to listen,comprehend and analyze.

If they were just “kids movies”, why do you still like Disney?